The Preset Snapshots are factory presets of Ethera EVI ( About 1000 )  or Ethera Soundscapes ( about 600 ) and are locked for each instrument.

For Example in ETHERA EVI , The Synth 1.0 has its own snapshots.
You can load the Snapshot with the upper menù

The Synth 2.0A has its own snapshots.

The Vocal Arp  has its own snapshots.

Load the Instrument EVI SYNTH 1.0.nki  from the browser on the left :

Now you can load the preset snapshots of the Synth 1.0 , and only for this one, from the snapshots upper menù.

If you want have access to the preset snapshots of the synth 2.0A, you must load an instance of EVI Synth 2.0A.nki and then you can load the  snapshots, from the upper menù

About the Snapshots installation:

You do not need to rename or create any folders into the User Content/Kontakt, but simple copy the content of the snapshots folder from “Ethera EVI Library folder” to the System Folder Native Instrument User Content, (the root on Mac is :  Macintosh HD/Users/username/documents/native instruments/User Content/Kontakt,  on Windows is :C:/Users/your user name/Documents/Native Instruments/User Content /Kontakt.

If the root User Content/Kontakt doesn’t not exist, but you have only: Macintosh HD/Users/username/documents/native instruments or C:/Users/your user name/Documents/Native Instruments

You can create it, create the folders named in this exact way: Macintosh HD/Users/username/documents/native instruments/User Content/Kontakt 

Be careful ! Do not confuse the central dropdown menù.

With this central menu you can load the “raw” samples to build new presets.

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