Sound design is an artful alchemy of crafting auditory magic, weaving together a symphony of sounds to enhance the visual storytelling of media. It’s a symphony of capturing, editing and mixing of sounds, be it dialogue, ambiance, effects and music, to transport the audience into the story, to make them feel the emotion, to be part of the scene.


I’m Stefano Maccarelli, and I am a sound designer, music designer, and sound technician with over 23 years of experience. I graduated from the School of Cinema & TV “Roberto Rossellini” and started my career as a sound technician, working on a wide range of projects, from films and docu-fiction to commercials, idents, trailers and TV shows for some of the biggest brands in the world, including FOX, Disney, A&E Network, Marvel, Sky, RAI, National Geographic, Fox Sports, and Mediaset.

I specialize in audio post-production, music production, mixing, and sound design. I have had the privilege of working with various audio facilities, production studios, networks, and directors throughout my career, including: Woody Allen, Stefano Sollima, Riccardo Cocciante and many others.

From 2007 to 2020, I was an in-house senior sound designer and composer at Fox Network Group, creating an exclusive SFX library and many other original sound design elements, original music and mix.

In my time as a developer for Zero-G, I’ve created several successful libraries such as the Ethera Gold Series, a collection of vocal instruments featuring a powerful and emotive female vocalist, and the Elements series, featuring a wide range of sounds for music and audio production. These libraries are well-crafted and carefully engineered to ensure that every sound is of the highest quality.

My sample libraries have been used by a wide range of musicians, composers and audio professionals, and have received positive reviews and great feedback from those who have used them.

I invite you to check out my sample libraries at Zero-G, and see how they can help you to enhance your productions.

My goal is always to create an immersive audio experience that transports the audience into the story, enhances the visuals, and provides an unforgettable experience. I pride myself on my keen ear, creativity and ability to deliver quality work that exceed my clients expectation.

If you’re looking for a professional with a passion for sound and a commitment to excellence, look no further. I am here to bring your project to life with my sound design and music composition skills.


  • Best 2022 Sample Library – Atlantis 2 – Sample Library Review
  • Best 2022 Sample Library – Elements CR – Sample Library Review
  • Best 2021 Sample Library – Elements – Sample Library Review
  • Best 2021 Sample Library – Sahara Voices -Sample Library Review
  • Best 2020 Sample Library – Ethera Gold – Sample Library Review
  • Bronze Award – Promax DBA 2018 – Best Use of an Original Music
  • Gold Award – Promax DBA 2018 – Gold Award – Best Use of an Original Music
  • Bronze Award – New York Festival 2014 – Best Original Music
  • Gold Award – New York Festival 2014 – Best Original Music
  • Gold Award – Promax Europe 2012- Best Original Music
  • Gold Award – New York Festival 2011 – Best Sound Design
  • Silver Award – Promax World 2010 – Best Sound Design”
  • Finalist Cetrificate – New York Festival 2009 – Best Original Music

My Skills:

  • Sound Design
  • Sound Effects For Media
  • Sound Editor
  • Music Composer
  • Mix ( Stereo & Multichannel )
  • Sound Field Recording
  • Sample Library Developer
  • Music Technologies

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“I am still fascinated by his musical work too, also after so many, fourteen years! Of course not all of his titles arrive for all listeners, but a handful of compositions by him are so sensitive that they can trigger real or fantastic emotions! You have to differentiate between songwriters and sound designers. The sound designer Stefano, almost overlaps the limits of harmony, but still remains contextual, extremely diverse in the ductus, with varying tension-producing high points. This are then skilfully flicked off again, with a so coloured high contrast! “


“I have had the pleasure to have Stefano in my team at Fox for 10 years. He has always highly contributed with his tremendously skilled sound designs and music compositions, to the success of the promotional campaigns. He is a very talented artist, with extremely solid technical knowledge. On the personal level, Stefano is a very nice person and working with him is a very rewarding experience. I highly recommend him for any audio or music project, either as a freelancer or for long term cooperation.”

Alessandro Travaglini | Fraunhofer IIS

“I had the honor to work with Stefano for ten years at Fox Networks Group. His talent as musician, composer and sound designer elevated our editing to a higher level. I remember particularly the powerful original music he composed for History Channel’s “Mankind”, among the many pieces for which he won awards for during those years. Amazing professional to work with”



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