Zero-G Ethera



3 instruments in one – stunning voices, synths, and ambient sounds

This brand new version of the best-selling and award winning ETHERA Soundscapes for Kontakt includes an extra 6 GIGABYTES of entirely new material and features. This stunning library now amounts to a whopping 23GB in size.

Featuring three instruments in one, ETHERA Soundscapes 2.0 takes you into an amazing world of stunning male and female voices, synths and ambient sounds for your cinematic and electronic compositions. It is armed with a custom Kontakt GUI and 590 Kontakt patches.

Ethera Soundscapes really is the one stop shop for soundtrack creation.



ETHERA Soundscapes 2.0 consists of three instruments in one:

First, there is a sublime vocal library with both a male and female voice which is based on the critically acclaimed ETHERA Vocal library with the phrases and phonemes inclined toward the cinematic.

The second library is an atmospheric ambience collection with patches that can evoke anything from everyday experiences to shocking horror and grandiose beauty.

Lastly, there is a massive bank of custom made synth instruments designed specifically for the soundtrack creative. There are leads, pads, arps and much more all with a bespoke interface that allows the user to customise or to create brand new sounds. There is even an arpeggiator and FX rack.

  • Emotive true legato (2 sustain layers, up to 3 true legato layers)
  • Over 23GB of 24bit 48khz compressed Kontakt NCW format samples
  • User snapshot for presets
  • Inspirational collection of original vocal phrases organised by key and BPM
  • Hybrid organic wavetable synth with sample grain control
  • 2 midi assignable modulations
  • Arpeggiator with 6x play mode and pitch sequencer
  • Scripted legato & portamento vocal voxel
  • Voxel and phoneme sustains
  • Voxel and phoneme controlled by mod wheel
  • GUI with easy to use controls and fully automated midi learn controllers
  • FX rack with midi learn
  • Phrases with 2 sync modes and legato mode
  • Two “off-set” sample start control on vocal phrases
  • Waveform display
  • Male voice patches
  • Unique voice of the vocalist “Clara Sorace”
  • Roli Seaboard supported
  • 590 presets







ETHERA is a stunning new cinematic vocal instrument** that combines amazing vocal samples, incredible simplicity and a high degree of playability all packed into a beautiful Kontakt interface for total ease-of use and ultimate sound manipulation. ** NB. ETHERA requires the FULL version of Kontakt 5.6.1 or higher – it will not work with the free Kontakt Player.

16596bb3659a9b0739b170bec92bEthera features 4 main instruments: Phrases, Pads,  Legato, Phrase Builder.
The Phrases section includes 53 patches ranging in styles from Epic, Fantasy, Celtic, Operatic, Tribal and World and even EDM and soul. These can be mixed and combined and using the two Off-Set controls you can change the starting points of the samples using the waveform display. This allows you to create new phrases and to personalise the existi ng phrases. These phrases can be manipulated in many ways by the GUI controls including time-stretching or syncing to your host application.
The Pads section contains several beautiful vocal pads that immediately add emotion or grandeur to your compositions.
The Legato section offers the ability to ‘play’ the voice of Ethera using ‘ohs’ and ‘ahs’ in sustained or staccato modes and features Attack, Legato Speed, Release, Vibrato, Pan and Volume controls
The Phrase Builder  is a set of samples and phrases programmed to act as an intelligent entyty allowing the composer to live play any articulation, on any pitch or chord.
Furthermore there is an additional folder called ETHERA EXTRA with awesome extra sounds such as virtual legato patches, sustains & pads.

Ethera also comes fully equipped with a complete FX section that includes chorus, flanger and phaser, compressor, EQ, filter, convolution reverb, overdrive, delay, amp simulator and cabinet simulator.

“It sounds absolutely amazing and the range and variety of vocal noises that can be coaxed from it is endless – 9/10” 
Computer Music magazine, UK.

“I’ve finally found her. For me, there’s nothing quite as expressive as the voice, and the female one at that. I’ve spent a while looking at the various options online and I bought Ethera wondering if she could be the answer to my prayers. Thankfully, she is. There’s something so haunting and melancholy about Clara’s voice. You feel like she’s pouring her heart and soul out with every note. The huge amount of patches leaves you with a staggering flexibility for your track. I’m using her with orchestral music, but I’m sure she would work in many applications. Ethera is the best female VI I’ve ever heard, frankly. It’s a very personal thing, and Clara’s voice just really resonates with me. I find her sound truly touching and very inspiring to write with! Isn’t that exactly what you want from an instrument?” – written by ‘OLIVER’

“At last I have purchased a vocal sound that fits my needs. The tonal structure of Clara is so soothing and the amount of things that her voice can be applied to, is endless. The imagination is inspired by just listening to her vocals. This, played over some Celtic Pads, is beautiful and heart lifting to say the least. Worth every penny, and I shall be spending hours upon hours on endless musical permutations.” – written by ‘AMBIOSIS’.

“Ethera delivers! Ethera has a deep soul. Clara’s voice is transcendent. Since I purchased it upon its release, I have have made use of all three engines, particularly the Pads and Phrases. I highly recommend getting this.. You won’t regret it. With so many other voice products on the market, I only recommend the ones that deliver the goods for under $100 and Ethera certainly delivers!” – written by ‘Jawad Abu-Lughod’


There is also an ETHERA / ROLI SEABOARD tutorial video HERE, and a video comparing Clara singing live with Ethera (via ROLI) HERE. If you are lucky enough to have a ROLI SEABOARD keyboard, I have created some special Ethera/ROLI instrument patches for you, which can be downloaded via THIS LINK.

ZERO-G Web Site



Soul, Gospel, Rnb, House

Hot on the heels of the critically acclaimed ETHERA comes another fabulous vocal Kontakt instrument** the ETHERA SOUL EDITION which combines stunning Soul and Gospel vocal samples, incredible simplicity and a high degree of playability all packed into the same beautiful Kontakt interface for total ease-of use and ultimate sound manipulation.

Main Features:
• Over 1.2Gb Of 24bit 48 Khz Uncompressed Wave Format Samples
• Phrases & Songs with 2 Sync Modes & Legato Mode
• Phrase Builder With Legato & Poly Modes and 30 Different Phrases
• Legato Expert Mode Tab
• GUI with Simple Controls & Fully Automated Midi Controllers
• Full Choir Oh & Uh  with Crescendo.
• FX Rack
• Fantastic Virtual Legato
• Attack & Release Sample Time  – Volume Control
•Natural Vibrato (Mod Wheel) – Vibrato Rate Control
• Ahh, Ohh & Mmm, Vocal Sound Sustain Patches
• Two Offset Sample Start Control On Phrases
• Waveform Display Of Phrases
• The Unique Voice of highly acclaimed Vocalist Clara Sorace.

You can found it on: Zero-G , Time&Space, Best Service.


106 thoughts on “Zero-G Ethera

    1. also, N.I. Service Center is asking for a license number? I know we don’t need one to use the library, but it might be nice for you to provide one, to keep track of usage and coordinate with N.I.’s ecosystem. Just a thought!

      1. Hi, we are working to Full Release of the library. With new fantastic features. Like : TRUE LEGATO Patches, New GUI, and others features. In this case with a serial number.

  1. Ciao Stefano, mille grazie for your contribuiton to the sample world!!
    Some time ago, I dl’d Clara 1.0.3; today I saw that it´s now 1.0.5 – is there a possibility to update/which files have to be exchanged, or do I have to dl’d it in full?

    1. Hi Hartmut… I suggest you re-install the library. Because in every new version I improve a little of everything. Not only new patches or samples. Soon release a new version with some great improvements, such as: True Legato and a new engine for the Phrases. Stay Tuned!

    1. Thanks ! The News Version is near !
      You Don’t see the library in ADD Tab because isn’t a Kontakt Player Library. You Can load or by the file tab, or in Quick Load Windows, how i Tell in Clara’s Page.

      Thank You!

  2. Salve e complimenti per la libreria, davvero bella.
    Vorrei sapere come si può togliere DEMO da ogni singolo suono. Mi da la libreria in edizione limitata.
    Io la vorrei sbloccare per aver la possibilità di lavorare senza problemi.
    Grazie e complimenti di nuovo.

    1. Ciao Andrea, Grazie! In Realtà la library non è in modalità Demo. Probabilmente la stai utilizzando con Kontakt Player Free , mentre questa library è sviluppata per poter girare esclusivamente per Kontakt FULL.

  3. Da Stefano a Stefano, fratè sei un grande. Difficile trovare chi condivide il suo lavoro col prossimo, ti sei guadagnato 10.000 punti stima (per quello che vale)

    1. Ciao Stefano ti rigranzio.

      In questa prima fase di sviluppo ho condiviso tutto il condivisibile . Ora inizia uno step successivo a breve rilasceremo la nuova versione 2.0 che avrà tante caratteristiche più evolute come tre le più importanti il True Legato per ben 2 Patch. Questo ha richiesto una mole di lavoro molto molto grande. Quindi da oggi la library sarà per il momento non più scaricabarile Free in attesa del rilascio della 2.0 che avverrà molto presto. A quel punto stiamo ancora decidendo se rilasciarla sempre Free tramite donazioni libere o stabilire un piccolo prezzo ma decisamente basso giusto per ripagare un minimo i mesi di lavoro che sono stati tanti e sopratutto evitare, come è successo fino ad ora, un diffondersi di Clara’s Vocal nel circuito Torrent in maniera esagerata.In questo modo la library potrà essere registrata attraverso un user account e tutelarci anche un minimo da distribuzioni e appropriazioni indebite.
      Grazie ancora ! 🙂

      1. Aspetto con ansia di acquistare la 2.0, dal momento che non ho la prima, ho solo avuto occasione di sentirne la qualità!!
        Il lavoro, soprattutto se fatto bene, va pagato. E’ più che giusto

    1. Hi Nikita. No sorry, the free download is finished. Soon will be available the awesome 2.0 and the price will be near…to… free version 🙂 Stay Tuned.

  4. Hi,

    Just bought Clara’s Voval 2.0: wonderfull !
    Just a question : there are two folders provided: v 1.0.6 and v 2.0. Is it necessary to install both (are they different) or do v 2.0 includes all elements of v 1.0.6?

    Thank you !


  5. Hello! I’m currently using an older 1.04 version of the library, which was claimed as free before. Is it still free to use for me? I’m quite satisfied with that version at the moment, but maybe will upgrade in the future.

    1. Yes, you can use the older version that You have ! There is not problem . But The V2.0 have many new Features, the upgrade is raccomended, We are working also on the future V 2.1. Stay Tuned. Thank You. 🙂

  6. I just want to say that I love this library so much. I had the free version for some time and just bought the full version 2.0 today. The true legato and the recording of the voice is just so smooth and good, very surreal. I also love all the phrases. Will you guys be doing more phrases? I would love to see more phrases from Clara! Her voice is better than any other soloist library I own.

      1. It’s sounding really good, and I am looking forward to buying it! Also, thanks a lot for the very affordable price. Clara’s Vocals is much more affordable than other soloist libraries. Her voice is exactly the type of vocal sound I was looking for. Anyways, thanks again guys and KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!

  7. Hi, I bought the Clara v2.0 last month and I was wondering if you are issuing serial numbers? Native Instruments Service Centre app keeps asking for serial number for registration; but the library still works fine of course. However, I cannot add the v2.0 library to my full version Kontakt, I have to use the file tab. Is this normal?

    1. Hi, Thank you, Clara’s Vocal don’t have a serial number because Is Not a Kontakt Player Lib. See the info Please on Web Site. You can add the library only with ” Quick Load “. Is Not a KONTAKT PLAYER Library. But Only a FULL KONTAKT Library. Thanks

    1. Hi the “older” version is not available.
      The V 2.0 contains 1.6 with all older patches , plus the new v 2.0 patches.

      If you go to the official Facebook support page , you can download a Free Patch.
      Thank You very much.

      1. Hi there, first of all, thank you for this amazing product. Now i have a question, what if someone (someone silly) accidentally deleted a part of the library? I guess there is no way to re-download it, right? I downloaded the library last year in july i think and a couple of weeks ago i moved my libraries to my new ssd harddrive, however i somhow managed to delete some parts of them. I could redownload everything (mostly NI stuff) but had to realize in shock, that clara is not available anymore. So yeah thats it, once again, outstanding product!
        P.S. Sorry for the possible doublepost, my browser ist kinda bugging around right now.

  8. Hi there, first of all, thank you for this amazing product. Now i have a question, what if someone (someone silly) accidentally deleted a part of the library? I guess there is no way to re-download it, right? I downloaded the library last year in july i think and a couple of weeks ago i moved my libraries to my new ssd harddrive, however i somhow managed to delete some parts of them. I could redownload everything (mostly NI stuff) but had to realize in shock, that clara is not available anymore. So yeah thats it, once again, outstanding product!

  9. Hey there, short question, what happened to Clara? Out od Stock at “Findasound”, is Clara-Library coming back, or is she gone?

  10. Hi and thanx for the quick reply, so Clara wont be available anymore, is that correct? Does ETHERA feature all the sounds that Clara did? Also are there maybe already a few informations about the release date and/or pricetag of ETHERA? Im assuming you’ve been working together with Zero-G (nice!) on this one, so i guess its gonna be more expensive this time? Thank you again, and please let me know, if Clara is still available, dont worry i’ll buy them both^^.

    1. Hello Dear,

      I will try to answer your questions

      1) Does ETHERA feature all the sounds that Clara did ?

      Yes , and over. We started from Clara’s Vocal 2.1 and we have added more samples. And after that the new Zero-G version is released We will work a lot to improve even more ETHERA .

      2)Also are there maybe already a few informations about the release date and/or pricetag of ETHERA?

      For This I can’t answer for now, sorry. But very soon.

      3)Im assuming you’ve been working together with Zero-G (nice!) on this one, so i guess its gonna be more expensive this time?

      Before it was a “free” project. Now is under the Zero-G control. So this aspect is a Zero-G competence. But I’m sure that the price will be still very very competitive. Because Zero-G is a very serious company.

      4)Thank you again, and please let me know, if Clara is still available, dont worry i’ll buy them both^^.

      You are welcome, I can suggest to you wait that ETHERA is released.
      Anyway Clara’s Vocal now is not longer available.

  11. Hi imusic76,
    thank you for the detailed reply. So ETHERA is gonna be your new flagship, can’t wait to see/hear it! Hope the wait is not gonna be too long, i just checked some of Zero-G’s products, they are very affordable indeed. One last question tho, since it is no longer a “free project” does that mean that ETHERA is going to be available in more shops, like “best-service” for example? Sorry for all the questions and thanx again. Cheers.

  12. Just curious how much more content in Ethera, compared to Clara’s Vocals…? I bought the Clara’s Vocals version when it came out, and just want to know how much benefit I’ll get out of buying the Ethera version. It sounds great, and the price is fine, but I’m pretty picky about where I spend my money. Thanks!

    1. Hi,
      You must consider this :

      If you have 2.0 : There are a lot of great change: new phrases, new playable patches: Epic Legato, Pad etc.
      If You have 2.1 : There are some new patches. ( Epic Legato, New Playable, New Pad )

      Clara’s Vocal It is no longer officially supported.

      from now There is : ETHERA from Zero-G

      Thank You

  13. Hello,
    Not very happy of this news…
    In fact, after trying the free Clara’s Vocal 1.x library, I bought v 2 a few week ago, $ 40 on Findasound, because it seemed normal to me to celebrate the work of Stephano, and assist in its future developments of this beautiful library.
    I discovered some time ago that Clara’s Vocal is sold now by Zero-G, under the name of Ethera”… OK, why not.
    But today, I am informed that Findasound stops the sale of Clara’s Vocal, and that to take advantage of future developments I have to buy Ethera…
    Findasound sends me a discount code for 50% off the library (the price is $ 87.99) : so, as I already bought the library for $ 40 (on Findasound) + $ 43.99 for Ethera = $ 83.99…
    OK, I benefited from a reduction of $ 4…
    But in fact, I have paid this library more expensive as people who bought it $ 70.39, during the introductory period valid until May 10th… (my discount coupon -50% was sent may 13…).
    I know, the difference is not huge, but in principle, I find not very “gallant” to penalise those who have supported, by their purchase, the first marketing of the product…
    No doubt it was more just to avoid this marketing for a few months on Findasound, to avoid the inconvenience…
    I admit that I am quite disappointed by this practice… 😦

    So now: Ethera or not Ethera…?


    1. Dear Thierry!
      Have you Clara’s Vocal 2.0 ? Are you happy with this ? Well…. who forces you to get Ethera if you don’t want ? I don’t understand where is the problem. ETHERA is a new product ( even if it was made on the structure of Clara’s Vocal 2.1 …with some new features ) . ZERO_G offers also a crossgrade for Clara’s Users. When you buy a product you buy THAT product…and now you have the product that you bought. If this product end or change …you have always your version. Where is the problem ….I Don’t Understand..really.
      When you want…and IF YOU WANT…you can get ETHERA With new feature and futures upgrades. I want remember you also that we have put Clara’s 2.1 as a free upgrade. Then … the other library are more expensive than Clara’s Library + Ethera. Now there is ZERO-G , I specified that for Clara’s 2.1 users there are some new features in ETHERA…while for the Clara’s 2.0 users there are a lot of new features.

      Best Regards

      1. HI,
        Thank you for your answer.
        Sorry for my “angry reaction”…
        I was just surprised by the quick stop of a production, so soon after a first sale (on Findasound), and the change of distributor for a new library that includes most of the first.
        I understand that they must be regarded as two separate products.
        So, as you tell me, the question for me is whether I need the new functions of Ethera … Compared to v2.10, the differences are the addition of new patches (Epic Legato, New Playable, New Pad)?
        Are there other new or different things?
        Will there be other updates for Ethera at Zero-G in the future?

        Many thanks for your answer, and congratulation for your nice library !

        Best regards.


      2. Hi Thierry. I can tell you this , if you have Clara 2.1 the differences between Ethera are : Epic Legato, Epic Sustain, Epic Pad, Some new VLegato Fixed and improvement like Ah Portato, some new extra sound & pad.. And how can you see new GUI also for extra sound . I Think that you can wait , if this new features are not important to you, and You might consider taking ETHERA when Zero-G will Release the first big upgrade for ETHERA with new phrases and severals new features. Bye !

  14. Hi,

    Thank you for all these details !

    I’ve asked Zero-G about the discount code and the upgrade, and that’s what they answered me :
    “We are not sure how long the discount code will be open for yet.
    However the new upgrade (which should be available in a few months time) will be free to all Ethera users.”

    So, I think I’m going to buy Ethera soon !

    Thank you very much !

    Best regards.


  15. Hi,

    Very nice job.
    Extra sounds are very great (Epic are fantanstic) !!!!.
    Just a little problem : no sounds when playing “Ah VLegato” – samples are here but no sounds when playing…

    How resove this ?



    1. Hi, Thank you very much. Yes in the ” AH V legato ” there is a little bug… please move the mood wheel and the sound will play. I will Fix it in the next upgrade 1.1, with also new great sounds.

      1. When’s the update coming out? I saw some videos on youtube and… just… damn… Looking forward to it! 🙂

  16. Bought 1.1 yesterday. Fabulous. Italian legato my favorite because she can sing words . Total inspiration . Thank you very much. This library is better than more expensive ones. Congratulations from france.

  17. I have this library and it’s good, in some ways very good (IMHO). If you get it on sale, it’s well worth the price. I paid full price and still think I got excellent value. The pads are wonderful as are the legato and phrases, but there are some real gems in the extra sounds folder, don’t skip it or think they are somehow secondary.

    It’s a very wet library out of the box (not a criticism just an observation, and it sounds good anyway). The included processing effects can all be adjusted, turned off completely or replaced with third party plugs. I am already trying this and like what I hear so far.

    One of the main reasons I got this is that I kept listening to reviews and samples of this library and couldn’t get Clara’s voice out of my head. It is beautiful and so evocative, to me at least. I am even more into it after actually using the library. I’ve only begun to scratch the surface of exactly what I can achieve with it and all the ways I might use it, there’s a lot in there and it inspires me. The latest update (ethera 1.1) has made this library even better (again IMHO).
    I’m not associated with Zero G or anyone involved with the library, just the independent thoughts of someone who likes to make music with beautiful libraries.

    I’d like to know how it sits next to Vocalise (Heavyocity) as I’m thinking about getting that library too.

    Thank you Stefano and Clara (and Zero G).

  18. Hi, may I know is this vocal library in its final version? Will the future update changes its interface or just add more contents? Sorry for the rude question, I just do not want to repeat my carelessness in purchasing library without realizing that there is an update the following months.

    1. Hi Michey, Ethera was updated to v 1.1 from 1.0 , with new awesome patches and samples. For the future , I think that Ethera Will be updated with more new samples,but for Ethera’s users will be a free update.

  19. This is a gorgeous library and great fun to play! I have one BIG problem. This library works fine in my standalone version of Kontakt 5, but when I try to load it in my VST version of Kontakt, I get the error that “the file format is corrupt or not supported.” I know this isn’t true since it works fine in my standalone version. This is the only Kontakt library I have, among a dozen, that behaves this way in VST mode. Any advice? (running Sonar Platinum on Windows 7 Pro).

  20. Hello,
    can’t wait for the v2.0 because the phrase builder is soooo good in the videos !
    It will be my favorite patch!
    Still haven’t found a better vocal library !!! Using it everywhere. Congratulations again and will see what will be the soul edition.
    Greetings from France.

  21. Hi,thank you very much for your Roli patches.I have downloaded the Roli-patches, I used the patches a few times, it’s works great.but after a few times when I open it with Kontakt 5.6.1, the Roli patches have no voice again. even after I restar my computer. It’s still have no voice.why?thanks again

    1. HI, thank you ! If you are using Cubase or Logic, when you start in play , the DAW send a MIDI CC reset. So , MIDI C01 or CC 11 is assigned to Expression or Filter..if cubase reset the value, the patch don’t play anymore. the solution is write just a little bit of midi automation with cc 01 or cc 11 with a mid value, 100 for example, at the beginning of the session.

  22. Hello,
    Just purchased ethera 2.0 and ethera soudscapes.
    Really beautiful. The new phrase builder is a BIG plus for me.
    The soundscapes are really good and some are very EPIC !
    It ‘s now an hybrid tool !!
    Love the new phrases and the man legato.
    These are really very very good libraries and i use them every time since ethera 1.0.
    Thank you very very much all of you Stefano and clara and greetings from FRANCE !!

    1. Hi Roth Olivier…., Thank You Very Much. Thank you for your comment and I Want tell you that we are already working on the first Ethera SoundsCapes maintenance update, planning for this Summer..With a super Phrase Builder Legato . Stay Tuned.

  23. Hy , playing and loving the new clara phrases and the new man phrases. Very inspirationnal . Some ethnic athmospheres can be made especially with the male vocal phrases. . Great great.
    And the nature sounds ( rain , thunder) great.
    And now i have great athmosphere pads under my fingers thanks to granular synthesis !!!
    And eying an update !! Great !! Bye !

  24. Hy this library is so good. Ijust saw that a 2.0 soundscapes is coming. Man , you are the best. This emotive legato !!!!! SO EMOTIVE !!!!! Can’t wait.!!!!!THANKS all of you , Stefano, Clara. THE best vocal library out there !!!

  25. Hi Stefano and thanks for helping to develop “Clara’s Vocals” into these new iterations. I’m confused though: Are the Ethera 2.0 patches included in the Ethera Soundscapes 2.0 library? I can’t really figure out what the comparison is between the two libraries. Is one just older or are they meant to compliment each other. In your opinion, which would you recommend for the best “vocal legato playing” aspects? Can you direct me to a site that will have the breakdown of how the two libraries relate to each other (if at all)? Thanks again. I have the first edition of Clara’s Vocals and always loved it. Just the other day I realized that you’ve been developing it even further! So excited to get one once I know the differences. Thx!

    1. Hi, then there are two completely different libraries. Soundscapes 2.0 is a much larger and complete library. He has 2 Vocalists, Clara and Marco. It has a new “True Legato” Emotional Fantastic. In addition to this is a powerful Synth, with lots of sounds and the ability to create fabulous soundscapes. Soundscapes 2.0 are 3 libraries in 1. If you have Ethera 2.0 (blue) with Soundscapes 2.0 you will have an excellent improvement.

      So, regarding the TRUE LEGATO , Soundscapes 2.0 has a Emotive True Legato that is awesome. if you are undecided between Soundscapes 2.0 and Ethera 2.0 (blue), I suggest you Soundscapes 2.0. And then you can take Ethera 2.0 (blue) that has so many other fantastic phrases.

      This are a series of ” Getting Started ” Videos regarding Ethera Soundscapes 2.0 :

      1. Is the “Emotive True Legato” in the Soundscapes library more realistic than the “Italian Legato” on the Ethera 2.0 “blue version”? What’s the difference between the two legato types? Thx!

  26. The Emotive Legato is a True legato ( all the transitions are sampled , there are 3 velocity articulation so if you play softly you have a soft articulation, if you play harder you have a different articulation. Italian Legato is a Phrases Legato but is a different technology. The Emotive True Legato is awesome for slow melody, epic melody, and is impressive. See this video of ” C’era una volta L’America ” by Ennio Morricone, is my Vocal Mockup made with Soundscapes 2.0 and Emotive True legato !

    1. Thank you very much. I went ahead and took the plunge and am downloading Soundscapes! I’m sure I’ll need to get the other 2 libraries at some point. I’m very excited to see what inspiration comes about with Ethera Soundscapes! Thanks be to you and Clara for making such a wonderful sounding library!

      1. Yes I Think that the 2 Libraries works perfect together.
        Anwyay Soundscapes 2.0 is Awesome and BIG.
        Please See All Videos Tutorials and Install the SNAPSHOT for the Sinth and Ambiences !

        I wish you good music

  27. So upgraded to 2.0. Man those new sounds !!! So good. Braahms, pads , effects. Soooo good. And the new arp with pitch. Waouhhhh!!! But the real pleasure is the new emotive legato. So good, so real, so well done, so realistic. Yes : REALISTIC . Man….don’t know how you do that, but you do it right, and well above the other libraries on the market. Congratulations to all of you, excellent work, and greetings from France !!!

  28. Hi Stefano,

    I’ve purchased all 3 libraries and the only issue I’m having is that some of the “Man_Uh_xx.wav” samples cannot be found in the Soul Edition. I’ve downloaded it several times via Continuata and the exact same issue persists. I bought it via Any ideas? Thx.

      1. Hi, About Ethera Soul Edition, I think that now there’s a New Upgrade available with this Issue Fixed. Thanks! Let Me Know.

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