About Me

Hey everyone,  I’m Stefano Maccarelli, Sound Designer, Composer & Sound Technician. I was born in Rome, in 1976. I discovered music & sound design at the age of 14  with my first sampler & computer. I graduated from School of Cinema & TV ” Roberto Rossellini ” with 58/60 score. I began my career as Sound Technician. I Have experienced much in my life like : Sound Designer, Composer , & Sound Technician. I have over 20 years experience in audio post production, music production, mixing, audio technologies. I Worked with several studios and brands. My Music & Sound Design has been used for dozens of  Films , Docu Fiction, Commercials, Idents, Promos, Tv Shows, including brands like: Fox, A&E, Sky, RAI, National Geographic, Fox Sports & Mediaset. I have mixed many TV Shows, Promos, TV Series, in stereo and 5.1 format.

I created an exclusive ambiences SFX Library for FOX in 5.1 and many other Sound Design elements.

I worked for many Facilities like: Frame By Frame, Gruppo Edo, Doppiaggio Internazionale, Sound Design di Elio Gualfucci, Wilder.

I’m working with Fox Network Group ( 21st Century Fox division) since 2007 as Senior Sound Designer & Composer : Sound Design, Original Music, Mix 5.1 & Stereo, Sound Branding.

  • I’m expert of  audio technologies, Midiware certified
  • I’m Avid ProTools Qualified.
  • I work on ProTools, Cubase, Logic, Studio One, Nuendo.
  • I’m a reviewer on AudioFader ( Audio Reference Magazine )
  • I’ve a Project Studio for Remote Working : Sound Design, Mixing, Sound Editor, Music Production.

My Skills :

  • Sound Design
  • Re-Recording Mixer
  • Sound Editor ( Ambiences, Specials, Foley )
  • Music Production
  • Mix & Mastering
  • Sound Field Recording
  • Sample Library Developer
  • Music Technologie


  • Docente Certificato di Informatica Musicale Midiware
  • Waves Certification Program A
  • Avid Pro Tools Certification 110 + 201
  • Avid Pro Tools Certification 101 (101)


  • 2018 – Gold Award Promax BDA Europe ” Best Original Music” with FOX
  • 2018 – Bronze Award Promax BDA World ” Best Original Music” with FOX
  • 2014 – Bronze Award New York Film Festival ” Best Original Music” with History  Channel
  • 2014 – Gold Award New York Film Festival 2014 ” Best Original Music ” with National Geogprahic
  • 2011 – Gold Award Promax BDA Europe “Best Original Music” with National Geographic
  • 2011 – Gold Award New York Film Festival ” Best Sound Design” with Nat Geo Wild
  • 2011 – Silver Award Promax World ” Best Original Music “with History “

In the following PlayLists, a selection of some works, where I did the Sound Desing, Original Music and Mix.